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[The flowers turn to the door before it even opens, the blossoms shimmering slightly when it does, and White's humming a little as she comes in; there's nothing notably new about her, not unless Black notices the way she's playing with her hands and the ring that seems to swirl different colors as a result, how there's a certain glow and warmth she can't contain as well as she can normally.

She'll pick up Socks when he trots up to greet her, kissing his head.]

Hi there, sorry for leaving you. Do you still want to play?

[Apparently not, since he'll just paw at her until she sets him down and run back to Black. Purrpurr.]
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It's not a birthday gift, though Silver did give me it.

[... Oh, how does she tell him-- she's going to throw her arms around Black, squeezing tightly.]

I'm getting married.
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[A nod, burying her head into his shoulder.]

He said he didn't want to have any regrets, if one of us ended up disappearing. That he wanted to experience a lot with me.


It's utterly pointless, I know. Marrying someone here doesn't matter back home, and it doesn't change what I have to do in the end either, but... I'm never going get this chance anywhere else, so why not, right? I don't want to have any regrets either.
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Be my flower girl?

[A tease.]
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Well, I guess that'll be acceptable. It's on our anniversary! I don't think Silver thought about that, but it's hard to forget.

[... You know, the flower festival. That's in a month. Very short notice.]
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[Your sister's whims are as whimsical as always, Black.]

Besides, waiting too long could be bad! It won't be very big either, only us and maybe some of my business partners, friends we want, something like that -- but it won't need a lot of planning. Which I'm doing myself.
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[she's pounding on his back before she steps away, jerk]

And my business partners. You can invite your Enforcer friends too, if you want, and of course Silver's going to bring Gold... So just a small party.

[... Mmm. White wishes that Tsukiyama and Chie were still around, that Leo would come again, that maybe they could've done this when the ghosts of her parents were hanging around, but that's simply how the world works; it gave her these chances, these irreplaceable memories, but they're as fleeting as any happiness. Still, she's determined not to let it get her down -- even if someday she left herself, even if she forgot it all, a part of her is still imprinted by the people she's met and loved.]

I wish it were a little bigger, though.
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I'd always imagined it back in Scotland too, surrounded by sheep and right by the sea.

[... Maybe not surrounded by sheep. She looks thoughtful for a moment, but shakes her head.]

That dream died three... no, four years ago now. [Four years.] But no matter how big or small it is, I'm going to smash cake into Silver's face and enjoy it, just like I would've then. This place has given me so many things and I'm going to take every one of them.
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Oh, I will! I'll take pictures, too, so I can show them what they missed out on. And there's always the memory petals... even if the tree hasn't been looking like it usually does.

[And it's things like those that keeps her head well enough, that if Silver does end up disappearing or if she does herself, that they'll have pictures and memories and-- it's bittersweet to think about, it makes her chest hurt, but it'll be fine. There's no point in thinking about "ifs".]

Black, have you gotten any better at it? Taking pictures, I mean. I'm not going to take my own wedding photo.
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[....... uh huh.]

You have a few weeks to practice. Make good use of that time.
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[do you think kod takes good pictures]

Of course! What've you been taking pictures of? Flowers? Our pets? Dead bodies? Cute guys?
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[always good to have a plan b]

You're such a wimp. [...] I can't really stand the sight of them either. Animals are fine, but people... never really settled well with me. I guess it's just different between seeing them on TV and seeing them for real, too.

[... Ho hum. She's pushing him, teasing while she's at it.]

What kinds of people did you take pictures of? Any prospects?
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I know you're not, I just like teasing you about it. I won't even ask you to bring a date.

[There's not much else she can tease him about, after all, and she'll take his hand.]

Come on, show me your pictures.

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